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Romantic flicks to watch this Valentine’s

A romantic drama where love is rekindled at a coffee shop called Blue Jay. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Shelby Mattos, News Editor

February 13, 2017

With the sales of Valentine’s Day chocolates, teddy bears and balloons taking over grocery stores and shopping malls, it’s easy for single people to feel quite lonely on this holiday. For some, the cure-all might be to binge on 50-percent-off clearance chocolate, but why not spend this Valentine's...

LostBoyCrow asks fans to ‘Sigh for Me’

LostBoyCrow asks fans to ‘Sigh for Me’

Kailanianna Ablog, Reporter, Opinions Editor

December 12, 2016

Modern R&B artist LostBoyCrow draws in listeners with his soothing voice and affection for his lover in his EP album “Sigh for Me.” Released on Jan. 15, the album features five tracks that induce a sense of calmness within the audience and cause fans to appreciate the beautiful vulnerability ...

Disney’s ‘Moana’ portrays ancient Polynesia

Disney’s “Moana” shot to the top of Box Office sales, earning about $81.1 million during the five-day holiday weekend. Photo Courtesy- Wikimedia Commons.

Rebecca Meyer, Reporter

November 30, 2016

Movie theaters around the island were filled with laughter and pride last week with the premiere of Disney’s newest animated film, “Moana.” The film earned an estimated $81.1 million during the five-day holiday weekend. The setting takes place in ancient Polynesia, where Moana, a tribe chief...

Big-name artists to perform in the islands

Chance the Rapper will perform in Honolulu on Jan. 7 and 8. Photo Courtesy: Static Flickr

Rochell Ann Agapay, Reporter

November 29, 2016

During the holiday season this year, Hawaii music lovers are being gifted with big-name music shows, which are already sold out. Artists Jhené Aiko, Russ and Chance the Rapper are scheduled to perform on Oahu during the months of December and January. Aiko’s concert will be held on Dec. 27 ...

‘I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love’

Kailanianna Ablog, Reporter, Opinions Editor

November 22, 2016

Known for his stage name “The Ready Set,” singer Jordan Witzigreuter gives fans a taste of his style in his first self-produced album “I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love.”  Released on April 8, the album enchants fans with its catchy, quirky beats and unique sound. “I Will Be Nothing...

‘Under the Stars’ with YouTube artists

The Aloha Concert is Hawaii’s live YouTube event, bringing together artists from all over the world. Photo Courtesy: Aloha Concert.

Rebecca Meyer, Reporter

November 1, 2016

Those in search of a concert experience without wanting to spend the money or brave the crowds might consider attending the Aloha Concert. The annual event in Honolulu brings together artists made famous on YouTube for a live concert event. This year’s Aloha Concert was themed “Under the Stars” and...

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