Popular Korean boy band returns after ‘Seven Seasons’


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After one year and eight months, Korean boy band, Block B, made a comeback in the form of their fifth mini-album.

The album title, “Blooming Period,” refers to the fact that the album is actually a “blooming period” for Block B, illustrating a metaphor between the band and a flower that has bloomed after much hardship.

The mini-album features a total of six songs: “A Few Years Later,” “Toy,” “Walkin’ In The Rain,” “It Was Love” and “Bingle Bingle,” as well as an instrumental version of “A Few Years Later.”

“A Few Years Later” describes the feelings after the end of a  relationship that are still present years after the break-up. The music video and song were released about two weeks before the rest of the album, serving as the album’s lead single.

“Toy” tells the tale of a boy who says how it is okay to use him for a girl’s own selfish purposes. The music video was released on the same day as the full album’s release, serving as its title track. It has been described by its members as being an R&B track.

“Walkin’ In The Rain” is a song produced by one of the group’s own members, Park Kyung. It talks of the wonder of where one’s love can be at any given moment, provoking thoughts of what kind of person it is.

“It Was Love” is a solo song sung by one of the members, Lee Taeil.

Known for his ballads, Taeil usually has a solo on many of the band’s previous albums, with the exception of “Very Good.”

“It Was Love” paints the heart-wrenching tale of a love unreciprocated as it contemplates the feelings of love and how it can often be misunderstood.

“Bingle Bingle” is a song featuring two of the group’s seven members, U-Kwon and B-Bomb.

“Bingle Bingle,” roughly translating to “Round and Round,” is a party song about the craziness of life and living in the moment.

The fact that the album was released one year and eight months after the group’s last comeback is likely no coincidence as the name of the company the band is under is titled “Seven Seasons.” One year and eight months would equal to seven seasons past.

It would not be the first time the band featured its company title in a comeback. For the past comeback, “Jackpot,” one of the first lyrics of the song is, “The 7th album, 7 members, 7 seasons,” following the “hit the jackpot” theme of a Vegas style 777 machine.

After such a long wait, Block B did not disappoint. As of Apr. 12, the album rests at the top of five major Korean music charts: Genie, NaverMusic, Bugs, Soribada and Monkey3.

Block B’s fame has garnered not only domestic interest but also that of international fans.

In Finland and Taiwan, the album is #1 on the iTunes music chart in the “top albums” category.

It is also ranked 2nd  in Malaysia and Sweden, 3rd in Thailand, 4th in Hong Kong and Indonesia, and 6th in Singapore and Japan.

In all, the album is in the top 10 for the main album chart on iTunes for a total of nine countries overseas.

The album also entered the world’s biggest popular music market, the U.S. iTunes main album chart, ranked at number 52.