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Sacred Hearts Academy  |   Honolulu, Hawaii

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Sacred Hearts Academy  |   Honolulu, Hawaii

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Masked Fashion: COVID-19 Pandemic Edition

What has happened to fashion during quarantine? Why or why not has it been affected? Quarantine resulted in us staying at home more often, which provided insights into a more lazy and careless fashion. People don’t need to dress up for others.

An article by “InStyle,” states that, “We’re probably going to go back to an aesthetic of scarcity. Simple sheath dresses, tees, wide-leg pants, and humble jeans in rustic fabrics, like linen and cotton, have so far been popular only with a certain subset of minimalist, sustainable influencers. But you’ll probably start seeing them even on the most high-end influencers soon.”

The article by “Luxiders” states that, “Without having a catwalk of pavements to present our carefully curated outfit combos on, fashion enthusiasts are now desperately grappling at the seams of indoor-wear as an output for creativity.”

I interviewed my friends and Sacred Hearts Academy students Paige Lum and Kaya Kramer to find out if their fashion styles have changed or not. School continues to be a blend of in-person and online. Both have returned to campus in-person for classes.

I wanted to see what they wear at home now, as opposed to what they wore before the COVID-19 pandemic. Since at school, everyone wears uniforms, I will be looking at their fashion sense outside of school.

There have been some recent fashion trends, such as bucket hats and tractor boots, and it was interesting to see if my friends have heard of them. I also wanted to see if their fashion styles have changed due to their change in lifestyle, with staying at home more often.

I asked my friends why they think that their fashion changed during this time.

Lum said that, “I think it changed because it went from just a T-shirt with a character I liked to finding my own style with the designs that express who I am.” Kramer didn’t change her style and was comfortable with what she was already wearing.

My friend Kaya, on the other hand, did not change her fashion. She said “I don’t really care since I’ve always worn it.” This is completely fine because some people don’t change their styles. Some people may find comfort in those same clothes, and that’s why they decide not to alter it in any way.

Fashion has changed a lot over the years. From the 1800s to the 2000s, the fashion change was very drastic. Before the 2000s, women would wear long dresses with long sleeves and not a lot of skin was shown. Nowadays, many women wear crop tops, showing their stomachs, and shorts that show more of their legs.

COVID-19 certainly did a number on fashion, with people’s fashion going up and down. Some people found new styles that better express who they are, and some just opted for the lazy stay-at-home clothes for working at home.

Academy freshman Paige Lum’s fashion style before COVID hit. Photo courtesy of Lum.

Here’s how Lum’s fashion changed during the pandemic. She now wears more clothes that are suitable to her own quirks. Photo courtesy of Lum.

Academy freshman Kaya Kramer says her style did not change during the pandemic. She wears outfits like all the time. Photo courtesy of Kramer.

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Llana Lee
Llana Lee, Reporter
Llana Lee is a first-year journalism student in her freshman year. She is looking forward to writing articles and producing videos. During quarantine, Llana has been binge watching shows, learning to bake macaroons and drawing. When the pandemic is over, she is looking forward to seeing her friends and traveling!
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Masked Fashion: COVID-19 Pandemic Edition