Sacred Hearts Academy  |   Honolulu, Hawaii

Ka Leo

Sacred Hearts Academy  |   Honolulu, Hawaii

Ka Leo

Sacred Hearts Academy  |   Honolulu, Hawaii

Ka Leo


Off-the-beaten-path of Japan

Keira Wheeler, Features Editor
April 30, 2024

During spring break, my family and I went to Japan for the first time. When we were figuring out where we should visit, we knew we wanted to experience...

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Academy seniors Ann Claire Walker (left), Chelstine Tavares (middle), and Malaika Ssebayitekko chat in the gazebo. Photo by Zaneya Caires.

Senioritis: A high school senior’s affliction

Zaneya Caires, Staff Reporter
February 6, 2024

There is seemingly no avoiding it — the overwhelming burden that creeps into the minds of high school seniors, depleting motivation and overall performance;...

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My tortoise and rabbit getting to know each other. Who would win the race? Photo by Gennellea Amasol.

Aspiring Veterinarian: Rabbit care

Gennellea Amasol, Staff Reporter
January 25, 2024

At my house, it’s not uncommon to find redheads and sulcata tortoises roaming the yard and eating hibiscus flowers. Inside, tanks filled with fish as...

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Olivia Bruce 19 represents her alma mater and HBCU school, Spelman College. An HBCU is a historically black college/university that promotes black excellence. Bruce is a product of black excellence, as she continues to further her studies at Notre Dame to receive her Ph.D. in physics.

Black Girl Here: Is an HBCU for you?

Malaika Ssebayiteko, Staff Reporter
January 23, 2024

Black Girl Here, I grew up in Hawaii as one of few black girls in my school, so for college, I knew that I wanted to go away but not just to any college....

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A comparison of Christmas photos during the COVID-19 pandemic and after it in 2023.

Robbed by the pandemic

Kaiulani Ferrer, Staff Reporter
December 5, 2023

I was in 8th grade when the pandemic shut down the world and forced us into online learning. In fact, I still feel like I have the mentality of one because...

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(From left to right) A before and after of my first time getting braids. Since then, I’ve learned how to prepare my hair for braids and maintain them. Photo courtesy of Marian Redd.

Black Girl Here: Braids for Days

Malaika Ssebayiteko
October 19, 2023

As a black girl, we’ve got braids for days. Our long luscious braids hold a history that goes back many years.  During slavery, many African Americans...

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(Left to right) My sister, Sydney Europa, and I before our first day of high school in 2019.

Things I wish I knew before high school

Samantha Europa, Staff Reporter
April 13, 2023

Senior year. The one thing most teenagers look forward to. As I prepare to embark on my next journey in life, I want to take some time to share the top...

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My dad, Sani Apuakehau, performing at the HoloHolo Fest in California with the band “Three Plus.” Photo courtesy of Jem San Pedro.

Backstage Pass: Insight into the significance of Hawaii’s music

Kaelin Apuakehau, Staff Reporter
November 14, 2022

Not many people can say that their dad has graced the same stage of local musical legends such as Fiji, The Mana'o Company and Natural Vibrations....

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Your top local shop stops

Your top local shop stops

Isabella Savea, Staff Reporter
April 28, 2022
When it comes to the aloha spirit, many people think this is just the basic line of respect we have for one another. Others come to the understanding that the aloha spirit is more than that. It is a way of life, and a way to work with each other in order to help, grow and support our local communities. 
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Virtual learning made a huge impact on education during the pandemic. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Why American Sign Language should be taught in schools

Jaime Tumbaga, Staff Reporter
February 28, 2022

American Sign Language (ASL) is the main source of communication for those who are diagnosed with some type of hearing loss. It’s also a language not...

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A day in the life of an Academy senior

A day in the life of an Academy senior

Britney Pham, Staff Reporter
December 16, 2021 From preparing for a band performance to JROTC drills, Britney Pham takes viewers on a journey into a day in her life as...

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These vegan oat milk pancakes were easy to make. Cooking my own meals have helped with the transition into a vegan lifestyle.

An inspiration to go vegan

Zandrina Cambra, Staff Reporter
December 16, 2021

Last month, I turned vegan. It was a decision that happened halfway through a documentary that ended up changing my life. "Eating Our Way to Extinction,"...

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Tim Urban speaks at TED2016 - Dream, Session 4 - Lifehacks, February 15-19, 2016, Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, Canada. Photo: Bret Hartman / TED

My Procastinative Mind

Morgan Bocobo
April 13, 2021

Over the course of this pandemic, it's quite obvious that, as a student, I have been procrastinating.  Studying for tests, doing homework and even...

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Life of a Hybrid Student!

Life of a Hybrid Student!

Jasmine Le
March 26, 2021

Sacred Hearts Academy senior Jasmine Le returns to school in-person after continuing distance learning from last spring’s COVID-19 lockdown. Come...

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(Left to right) Jondrina Cambra and friends Nautica Mikasa-Keawe, Zandrina Cambra and Angelina Castaneda hiked Ehukai Pillbox on the North Shore. Photo by Zandrina Cambra.

Finding my ‘best self’

Zandrina Cambra
March 25, 2021

New year's resolutions. Everyone makes them, but let’s be honest, not everyone follows through.  That is why this year, I promised myself I would...

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