Ka Leo

Finding personal meaning in historical tour

An actress portrays a Hawaiian citizen in distress, as part of a reenactment of the Hawaiian Kingdom's overthrow. All photos by Noe Nekotani.

Noe Nekotani, Opinions Editor, Webmaster, Reporter

September 20, 2019

The drive towards the Hawaii State Capitol had been an uneasy one. “Wouldn’t it be strange for Japanese people to show up to a Hawaiian event?” my mother questioned.  “If anyone asks, it’s for an extra credit assignment,” I said with ease.  Content with my answer, she parked on...

A Night in Neverland

My friends and I spent the entire day getting ready and danced the night away until our feet were sore. Photo by Ragelle Lumapas.

Ragelle Lumapas, Reporter

April 27, 2019

As my senior year draws to a close, juggling 10 different tasks at once has become the norm for me. But with prom right around the corner, I was looking forward to finally having a day of relaxation and fun with friends. It would be an entire day of not worrying about due dates, tests and quizzes. ...

Taking on the channel

The Kamehameha Canoe Club Junior Women’s crew placed second in the junior women’s division and 24th out of 65 crews. All photos by Rebecca Meyer.

Rebecca Meyer, Features and Sports Editor, Reporter

October 4, 2018

With a single bag in hand, I made my way across the airplane runway to a tiny nine-seater plane bound for Molokai. Each stride closer brought about a new emotion, but it was the realization of a lifelong dream about to come true that had me leaping into my seat. Ever since I was 10, I dreamt of paddling in...

A week spent in San Francisco

My sister, cousin and I in Monterey, Calif. Behind us was the blue ocean that was filled with a variety of animals, such as seals, otters and plants. Photo courtesy of Ragelle Lumapas.

Ragelle Lumapas, Reporter

September 26, 2018

At 3:30 a.m., I was awoken by the loud alarm of my iPhone, as it screamed at me to wake up. I slapped the stop option and groggily rolled out of the comfort of my bed to get ready to head for the airport. Our flight to San Francisco wasn’t until 8 a.m., but we woke up extra early so we would not mis...

How to plan your funeral

A traditional gravestone found at a Manoa cemetery. Before taking the “Dying and Rising” theology course, many Sacred Hearts Academy students believed that cremation and burials were the only options for the dead. This class prompts students to research other death rituals and to take steps toward planning their funeral and writing their eulogy. Photo by Taylor McKenzie.

Taylor McKenzie, Webmaster, Reporter

January 5, 2018

Does “Here lies Taylor McKenzie” or “Endings are always bittersweet” sound better as a title for my eulogy? These were the thoughts distracting me from finishing my AP Spanish homework; conjugating “morir,” which means “to die,” in Spanish couldn’t be more fitting at the moment. ...

Going live: A discussion that changed my perspective of journalism

Journalist Daryl Huff, myself, moderator Beth Ann Kozlovich, journalist Yunji De Nies and University of Hawaii at Manoa student journalist Spencer Oshita participated in a live discussion on PBS Hawaii’s “Insights” program. We talked about the top news stories of the year, including net neutrality and homelessness. Photos courtesy of PBS Hawaii.

Rebecca Meyer, Features Editor, Reporter

December 19, 2017

Beads of sweat collected on my forehead, as I stared at a thermostat reading 64 degrees. I could feel chills run through my body and a warmth slowly consume my face, as I awaited one of the most momentous occasions of my high school journalism career–participating in a live televised discussion alongside some o...

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