Lancer juniors ‘spill the tea’ about high school

In this episode of Ka Leo Convos, Isabella Savea, an Academy junior and Ka Leo reporter, ‘spills the tea’ with advice about high school and everything you should expect. This podcast, featuring junior Cadee Paulos, will also leave you with some laughs and a sense of preparedness for high school.

Isabella Savea

Isabella (Izzy) Savea is a first-year journalism student in her junior year. She's apart of both the basketball and bowling teams at Sacred Hearts Academy, as well as President of the Class of 2022 Division Council. She looks forward to writing about memorable moments at school and in the community, so people can look back and reminisce. She also hopes to gain a better understanding of the work and technological efforts that are used by the “Ka Leo” staff.  Once the pandemic is over, the first thing she’s going to do is hang out with friends at the beach or go on a drive around the island.

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