‘Dark Elements’ depicts the struggles of love and sacrifice

The “Dark Elements” series by Jennifer Armentrout has come to an end.

The series follows 17-year-old Layla whose half-demon, half-gargoyle blood sets her apart from her Warden family and demon counterparts. As she struggles with the temptation of taking a soul, Layla is confronted with feelings for her best friend Zayne, a full-blooded gargoyle guardian with a pure soul, and Roth, a full demon with no soul who is also the Crown Prince of Hell.

When a demon uprising thrusts the world into chaos, Layla discovers the truth behind her hybrid blood and uncovers a rapture-bringing destiny that will change her life forever.

The appeal of the series isn’t simply the stories but the complexity of each character.

Layla, though indecisive about what she wants, has an unrelenting will to do the right thing while bombarded by emotional and social difficulties.

Instead of being the representative of perfection that everyone assumes she is, Zayne’s hatred and jealousy towards Roth shatters his “well-composed” image and reveals his feelings for Layla.

Since meeting Layla, Roth feels a change in his soul-deprived heart. Though he can’t deny his demon heritage and the instinct to be bad, Roth discovers that there’s more to life than following the rules.

Armentrout’s characters find ways of getting through life. If they want to be happy, there is no one holding them back but themselves.  

The series is more than a paperback thriller. It is a journey through the unknown to recognize whether being something more is worth the risk of breaking the safety net of the known.