‘My Princess’ provides audience with dilemma

“My Princess” is a modern take on “Cinderella.” College student Lee Seol (Kim Tae Hee)  has a part time job posing as a Korean princess for a tourist attraction.

Lee discovers that she is the great-granddaughter of the last emperor of the Joseon Dynasty as the government searches for descendants because the government wants to create a constitutional monarchy. Since the government has discovered her identity, it wants to teach her manners and etiquette as quickly as possible.

One of the people who is supposed to help her become a model princess is Park Hae Young. Park is reluctant to help because if the monarchy is instituted, he will lose his inheritance. To keep the inheritance he creates a plan to keep Lee from ascending to the throne.

What Park did not factor into his plan is falling for Lee, which complicates his plan and their relationship.

Will Hae Young be able to hide his feelings and keep his inheritance or will he sacrifice everything for love? Will Seol be able to take her place as princess?

“My Princess” is recommended for ages 15 and older because of some mature scenes. It is also recommended for those who like romantic comedies mixed with royalty.

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