‘Marriage Contract’ portrays multiple struggles and dire futures

“Marriage Contract” stars UEE as Kang Hye Soo, a single mother whose husband  passed away, leaving her with a large number of debts and loan sharks looking for payment.

To make matters worse, Kang discovers she has an aggressive brain tumor. After she learns that the tumor could end her life, Kang worries about what will happen to her daughter, Cha Eun Sang (Shin Rin Ah).

Han Ji Hoon (Lee Seo Jin) is a wealthy restaurant owner who needs to find a wife who can donate part of her liver to his ill mother. A complication is that in Korea, the donor needs to be related to the patient.

Kang and Han meet when he almost hits Kang with his car. From this encounter, he has the idea to pay her debt and support her daughter after she passes away in exchange for marriage and help with his mother.

Kang accepts this offer to ensure her daughter will be cared for when she is no longer around.

Will this relationship remain a business contract or will something more develop between Kang and Han? Can Kang survive long enough to have a “happy ever after” ending?

“Marriage Contract” is recommended for those who like romance which is not always predictable. It is recommended for older teens because of real-life topics that are discussed and not always appropriate for younger viewers.

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