Winter break: a time for traveling, family and friends

“I went to Florida to visit my daughter. She took me to her school. While we were in Florida, we went to the movies. We rode on a swamp boat and saw alligators,” science teacher Joseph Lyons said.


“My daughter came to visit me during winter break from Los Angeles with her fiance. We did some wedding planning, ate at different restaurants, had a party in the backyard, went shopping, watched “Star Wars” and cooked lots of good food,” study hall supervisor Cindee Shin said.


“I went back to Japan. I went to my old school and then met my friend from Canada. I went to an aquarium with one of my friends on the Christmas Eve. My other friends (and I) met up to eat breakfast and stayed in Harajuku,” sophomore Sumomo Susuta said.


“I spent my free time reading a book called “Annihilation,” by Jeff VanderMeer,” sophomore Isabella Johnson said. ”My favorite part about this book is that it is a huge mystery. We never get an answer about why the world is going crazy.”


“I went back to Shanghai, China during winter vacation. I spent time with my family and celebrated (the) New Year together,” eighth-grader Jishen Wu said.