Marching band changes requirements


Photo credit: Brian Wong

Zoierae Hill, Reporter

Beginning this year, marching band is no longer a requirement for Academy band students.

Near the end of the last school year, a survey asked students if they would join the marching band if it was optional. It also asked if students were  interested in having a pep band instead of the marching band.

The idea of marching band being optional was made in hope that  it would increase enrollment in the band program. Many students drop the class after their first year because they do not want to participate in the marching band.

After marching band became optional, almost the entire Beginning Band rejoined the band program.

Since marching band is now optional and counts as an extracurricular credit, it will not count as a grade. Nevertheless, it will count as a quarter credit for Physical Education (P.E.) and community service. Students are expected to earn one credit in P.E. and 25 hours per year for community service to graduate.

For every rehearsal and parade attended, students receive community service hours and can amass a total of 62-64 hours, depending on the final rehearsal.

However, if students have an unexcused tardy or absent for either a rehearsal or parade, community service hours will be reduced.

Currently, if students miss one parade without a reasonable excuse, they do not receive P.E. credit.