‘Emergency Couple’ brings back romance

“Emergency Couple” features Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) who is studying to become a dietitian and Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) who is studying to become a doctor. Jin Hee comes from a poor family; her mother is a widow. Chang Min comes from a wealthy family of doctors.

When they meet, fall in love and decide to marry, Chang Min’s family disowns him. After he drops out of school, Chang Min becomes a pharmaceutical salesman.

The conflict between Chang Min and his family takes a toll on the couple’s marriage. Soon, their marriage falls apart and they divorce.

After the divorce, Chang Min returns to medical school  while Jin Hee also goes back to school, but now she wants to become a doctor as well.

Later, Jin Hee and Chang Min meet again when they intern in the emergency room of the same hospital.

Will they be able to get along or will their past ruin their futures? Will their feelings for each other resurface?

“Emergency Couple” is recommended for those who teens who like medical shows and romance.


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