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Sacred Hearts Academy  |   Honolulu, Hawaii

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Sacred Hearts Academy  |   Honolulu, Hawaii

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Tarot Time: Elemental Exploration (Water and Air)


We already explored the first two elements of the zodiac signs: fire and earth. Now let’s check out their counterparts, the air and water elements. 

Air signs are considered to be those who are connected with things. They are signs that send out information and help others make sense of their surroundings.

A circle showcasing the horoscope drawings of each zodiac sign on The Egyptian Planisphere. Photo Courtesy of Openclipart.

“In astrology, the air element – embodied in the signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – is typically described as mental and cognitive,” according to Team LILA, a group of astrologers. “People with air signs dominant, symbolically, but often quite literally too, provide the bridges that help us link the internal realities of consciousness to the external realities of the objective world.” 

Not only are these signs about playing the messenger role, but they are also just as adventurous as fire signs. Like their element, they are all about the movements of the wind.  Occasionally given the “airhead” title, these signs are, nonetheless, fun to hang out with.

A circle showcasing the zodiac sign horoscopes in Greek where they originate. Photo Courtesy of Picryl.

Air signs can sometimes get too much in their heads. They might overthink things. This element, if consistently doing so, might also lose touch with reality, whether that’d be giving advice or taking their own advice too far. If air signs learn to have a balance between times to stay quiet and times to speak up, then their lives will be more content.

The last element, water, is an element to which zodiac signs are sensitive. These include Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces signs. Unlike earth signs, which tend to go with the flow, water signs tend to overlook many things.

Astrologist group Team LILA talks about how, despite being emotional humans, they are mysterious like the ocean itself. They talk about how water signs have borderline-psychic intuition and need security for themselves to feel safe.

However, with their high emotions, it can be stressful and tiring to be around them. They can be intense when it comes to having to deal with emotionally exhausting scenarios, like moving to a different state or having to go to a new place alone. 

“If our feelings gain too much power in our lives (usually because we do not tend to them), then we can easily get swept away by our sensitivity to the discord between our inner and outer lives,” Team LILA describes, referring to how, with too much emotional power, it can drag us away from our destiny.

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