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Tarot Time: Elemental Explanation – Fire Elements

This is part of a series.

Fire signs, as described in my previous article “Tarot Time: Elemental Exploration (Fire and Earth signs),” are known to be positive and determined to live their lives to the fullest. However, within each element, is a zodiac sign with traits that differ from each other.

The first sign is the Aries, born from March 21 to April 19. These signs are known to be “the ultimate leaders.” They are confident, brave and have a trusting heart. They also tend to be more optimistic. As said in a “Glamour Magazine” article, Aries is headstrong, driven, passionate and motivated when it comes to being leaders. 

“Ruled by Mars (the planet of power…ambition, energy, and passion), these folks are always wanting to move onward and upward in their progression of life,” astrologer and writer Meghan Rose says in her article. This, along with their brave personality, can make them an easy candidate of the first house. 

Aries are the first sign of the constellations. It is a Latin word for “Ram” and were originally known as The God of War in Greek Mythology. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

According to an article in “Elle Magazine,” the author states that “In short: Houses make up just one part of the birth chart puzzle, and knowing how to interpret them can tell you where different planetary energies will show up in your life.” Feller says that knowing your house can give you a better understanding of who you are as a person deep down. 

Leos are the second zodiac sign to fall under Fire and Earth elements. Born from July 23 to Aug. 22, this sign tends to be more stubborn and boisterous when it comes to having conversations with others. In a social gathering, Leos like to make sure their presence is known. However, despite being energetic and active in conversations, they are prone to insecurity since they are mainly driven by ego. 

According to Rose, Leos love being in the spotlight. With their bright and radiant selves, they are ruled by the sun. They are fierce, loyal and protective over the things or people they love. They can also be very childlike, which makes them a natural leader of the fifth house in astrology. This house focuses on children, romance, drama, play and fertility. This explains why Leos get excited over the thought of creating a family. 

Leos are the fifth sign of the constellations whose animal sign is a lion that’s frequently known for being slain by Greek God Hercules. Photo courtesy of OpenClipArt.

Sagittarius (born Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) are described as individuals who can’t sit still. They love freedom and having the ability to do whatever they want to do. Sagittarius tend to be blunt and philosophical. Sagittarius are ruled by the planet Jupiter, which focuses on optimism, blessing, luck and good fortune. They tend to be in high spirits and do not do well around those who are doubtful and negative about themselves. Because Sagittarians are so optimistic, others tend to see them as overly-confident and at ease with their life. 

Along with being the ruler of the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius easily rules the ninth house. This house focuses on foreign relations, travel, higher education and ethics, according to Rose. This makes Sagittarians intrigued in getting to know international cultures. Along with this, Sagittarians love being tested by their bou

One of the 12 constellations originating from Sumeria, the animal sign is a centaur with a bow and arrow. This was soon picked up by Greeks afterwards. Photo courtesy of RawPixel.

ndaries and being forced to think outside of the box. 

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