New ‘Please fund me teacher’ campaign supports AUW


Ashley Marie Lardizabal, Reporter

The Academy’s support for the Aloha United Way (AUW) has introduced a new and fun way to  raise money through various challenges in the first annual “Please Fund Me Teacher” campaign.

Four teams of faculty members have volunteered to complete a special challenge if the designated donation goals are reached. Faculty volunteers include Chloe Smith and Rosalynn Cambe who will kiss a pig, Randy Pong and his tech crew who will dance to a Katy Perry tune, and Keeley Cestare and Sean Rist who will dance the “Cat Daddy.” The goal of each group is to raise $150.

The Math department is asking students to donate $314 for all its teachers to face students who will throw pies at them.

Students are asked to donate funds for the challenges by putting donations in jars in particular classrooms.

If the goals are reached, the challenges will take place on Oct. 31 at Halloween pep rally.