Academy court supports St. Louis homecoming

Academy students joined brother school St. Louis in homecoming activities for the annual tradition.

The Academy supports St. Louis in celebrating homecoming with cheerleaders and members of the homecoming court. One princess is elected for each division while the queen is selected in the senior division.

The candidates must have a GPA of 2.0 and have a connection to St. Louis School.

This year’s queen, Baelle Gay, was surprised by her victory.

“I doubted myself. Everything went wrong when it could. I forgot my parent signature on the day the application was due, but that obviously didn’t stop me.”

The homecoming court attended the homecoming pep rally held during the week of Sept. 28.

Sophomore princess Dominique Almeida was happy with her role as princess.

“I loved trying on different dresses. The pep rally was already a great experience for me, especially since it was my first time doing something like this,” said Almeida.

The highlight of  homecoming week was the football game at Aloha Stadium on Oct. 3. In addition to having division princesses and a queen, Academy cheerleaders created posters for players on the Crusader team.

Junior princess Shannon Domingsil cherished the event and appreciated the opportunity she was given.

“It was actually enjoyable getting ready and dressing up to represent my division. Homecoming was a great way to experience the fun side of high school we don’t see all the time,” she said.

Gay was a little anxious during the half-time coronation.

“It was nerve-wracking walking in front of everyone, but I truly felt the moment of being queen. I was honored to have gotten the spot and didn’t have anything else to expect but the support of my family and friends,” said Gay.


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