CyberLancers take on challenge to combat hackers

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The Academy’s two CyberLancers teams recently completed the second round of the CyberPatriot competition in which students demonstrate what they learned about cybersecurity. Two rounds of competition tested students’ knowledge about preventing cyber attacks.

According to adviser Deborah Kula, students were asked to “tighten security and remove malware, viruses and opportunities for hackers on three different computer systems: A Windows Vista workstation, an Ubuntu 14 workstation and a Windows 2008 server” as well as “complete a Cisco networking challenge quiz.” The difficult tasks were expected to be completed in six hours.  

The first team of CyberLancers were juniors Christina Chen, Leeona Domingo and Shailyn Wilson, and seniors Chloe Huang and Janelle Inao.

Students on the CyberLancersTWO team were freshmen Aiyana Arnobit and Stella Supall, junior Kaitlyn Pang and senior Asenita Tuiafitu.

Results of the competition will be available no later than Dec. 15.