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‘Frostfire’ offers new twist in ‘Trylle’ trilogy

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‘Frostfire’ offers new twist in ‘Trylle’ trilogy

Mariko Galton, Reporter

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“Frostfire” by Amanda Hocking takes place in a powerful society of trolls called the Kanin.

As a half-blood, Bryn Aven has never fit in with the Kanin. Bryn’s ultimate goal is to become a member of the royal family’s elite guard. However, since she is an outsider, Bryn must work hard to gain the respect and rank she hopes to achieve.

While on a mission, Bryn runs into Konstantin Black, an ex-elite guard who tried to kill her father years ago. Shortly after her run-in with Konstantin, Bryn is sent on a special mission with Ridley Dresden, her friend and boss, whom Bryn begins to have feelings for.

When she least expects it, Bryn finds herself deciding whether to follow her heart or protect the kingdom that treats her as an abomination.

“Frostfire” will intrigue readers with its new twist on the “Trylle” trilogy and fast-paced storyline. Its never-ending flow of events will have readers on the edge of their seats.

This novel is recommended for ages 14 to 17 because of mild violence. “Frostfire” presents a strong female protagonist whom readers will find funny and witty.

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‘Frostfire’ offers new twist in ‘Trylle’ trilogy