Learning from mistakes necessary to grow


Everyone makes mistakes, but not all mistakes are equal. To grow, one must learn from one’s mistakes and accept the fact that this is all a natural part of life.

Making mistakes is a natural thing. Whether it is in school or at home, mistakes happen all the time. Frequently, people are self-conscious about mistakes because they feel embarrassed.After making a mistake, the thing to do is to acknowledge it, learn from it and don’t do it again. Mistakes teach us to try again and not give up. They give us an opportunity to improve.What also matters is the way the mistake is approached. We can accept it with a positive attitude or we can see it as weakness. How we come back from making a mistake shows not only attitude but also how we view ourselves.We may feel afraid to make a mistake because we do not want to be criticized or ridiculed. We may have difficulty accepting criticism, constructive or otherwise. Striving to do better is a good way to learn from the mistakes we’ve made and to move forward.Mistakes are part of the learning process. It does not mean that mistakes should be repeated, but we should learn from them. Learning from our mistakes and improving ourselves are life-long lessons.To reach our fullest potential, we must understand that mistakes are everyday opportunities to help us become better people.What matters most is that by trying and failing, but learning from the mistake, we know what can be done differently.Mistakes also help us become more compassionate people. When we make a mistake, we try our best to correct it and do better. We feel bad for making the mistakes and want to fix them.We also recognize the feelings of others when they make mistakes. Knowing how embarrassed we feel by our own errors, we want to reassure others that “it’s only human.” Mistakes can help develop kindness and compassion. The only mistake is not to keep on repeating the errors.