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Oahu’s two-year-old plastic bag ban: Is it working?

Photo courtesy of Zeevveez on Flickr

Celine Isabelle Arnobit, Reporter, Feature Editor

March 28, 2017

On July 1, 2015, Hawaii became the first state to issue a ban on plastic bags.   Almost two years later, however, how effective has the ban been? It was apparent shortly after the ban was put into place that there were numerous loopholes in the law.   Chapter 9, Article 9 of the Revised O...

General etiquette necessary for youth

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Celine Isabelle Arnobit, Reporter, Features Editor

March 1, 2017

Some consider teenagers and young people to be among one of the more disrespectful age groups in school, in the community and in the workplace. They point to their youth or naivete as the common culprits. That is where having proper etiquette comes into play. It is something that needs to be imp...

Having the latest and greatest

An average teen finds happiness in purchasing the newest model of the X-Phone; little does she know, her satisfaction will be short-lived. Seeking to find fulfillment and a way to maintain a high-standing on the social hierarchy, society’s desire for the ‘latest and greatest’ often reflects a lack of self-worth and a jaded view of happiness. Illustration by Kailanianna Ablog.

January 31, 2017

Through the centuries, the general principle of happiness has been poked, prodded, turned over on its head and studied by everyone from philosophers to scientists. Some say that true happiness comes from a climactic event or milestone in one’s life, while others say, it comes from within. Today,...

Don’t be a one-upper

Don’t be a one-upper

Kailanianna Ablog, Reporter, Opinions Editor

January 30, 2017

Whether realizing it or not, the moment you open a social media app, you embark upon a battlefield. A battlefield where users are armed with stunning panoramas and vivid video clips, showing off what they did over the weekend or what they ate for lunch. And with each scroll, you start to wish you were them...

Focus on giving, not getting

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Taylor McKenzie, Reporter, Media Editor

November 29, 2016

Christmas is right around the corner. Instead of focusing on the receiving part of the festivities, why not make this time of year a little more merry by giving? One way you can give is by helping a local, non-profit organization, like Thrive Global Hawaii. The organization, which was established las...

Hawaii and the Refugee Crises

Photo credit: The UN Refugee Agency

Taylor McKenzie, Reporter, Media Editor

November 14, 2016

The refugee crises is the defining issue for our generation, as the UN Refugee Agency reports that 65.3 million people are being forced to leave their homes. Out of that number, the United States has taken less than one-percent of refugees. “Canada resettled more than double the number of Syrian refuge...

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