Salt proves to be useful

Salt has many purposes. It can be used to relieve itching, as a stain remover, to keep fruits from browning, to save the bottom of the oven, to clean a glass coffee pot, to ease throat pain or to keep cut flowers fresh.

Salt can also be used as a blood and wine stain remover.

As a stain remover, fabric should be soaked in cold salted water and then washed normally. One can also add lemon juice to the salt to make a stronger stain remover.

One can use salt to keep fruits from browning. They should be dropped into some lightly salted water. This will help the fruit to keep its color.

Salt can also keep the bottom of the oven clean. If a pie or something spills over, putting salt on the spill will make it easier to clean when it has cooled. It will be better than trying to clean up a mess that has been baked onto the oven.

Cleaning a glass coffee pot can be hard to do. Instead of struggling, one can use salt and ice cubes to clean it. One can put salt into the coffee pot and add ice cubes. Swirling the mixture vigorously will clean it.

There are many ways to ease throat pain. One is to mix salt with warm water and gargle. Another way is to put li hing mui into a fresh cut lemon and suck on it.

A way to keep cut flowers fresh is to add a sprinkle of salt in a flower vase. Some substitutes for salt are aspirin or a dash of sugar.

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