Herbs and spices prove to be beneficial

Herbs and spices are not just for cooking. They can help prevent illnesses and provide pain relief.

Bharat Aggarwal, a professor of cancer medicine at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, suggests 500 to 800 milligrams a day of turmeric because it has curcumin has been shown to help inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Turmeric is also used to stimulate appetite and aids in digestion. It only takes one quarter teaspoon turmeric in water in one cup of rice for an Indian flavor and health benefits.

Robotics teacher, Peter Park said, “I sprinkle turmeric consciously to help with my health.”

Another spice that is used to help stimulate digestion and aid the body in absorbing the nutrients of foods is cayenne.

English teacher, Chloe Smith said, “I use cayenne when I cook to enhance the flavor and create a tasty dish.”

Although garlic is good in pasta, Karen Collins, nutrition adviser to the American Institute for Cancer Research, said, “Let the garlic sit for 10 to 15 minutes after chopping and before cooking so the active form of the protective phytochemicals develops.”

Garlic destroys cancer and may disrupt the metabolism of tumor cells. One to two cloves a week provide these health benefits.

Ginger is known to decrease motion sickness and nausea. It may also relieve pain and swelling due to arthritis, but eating more than 6,000 milligrams of ginger a day may cause stomach irritation.

Eating one or two pieces of crystallized or candied ginger for motion sickness can help.

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