Girls Scouting teaches life skills

The goal of scouting is to help girls realize their potential in life.

Girl Scouts learn how to be leaders and to use their skills to make the world a better place.

Sophomore Mabel Cheng said, “Girl Scouts has taught me many things, some of which include the significance of being responsible, keeping things organized and learning to take leadership.”

Sophomore Malia Libby also appreciates what she has learned in scouting.

“I have gained managing my time and working well with others,” she said.

Cheng said, “When I was in kindergarten, my dad signed me up for Girl Scouts. As I grew older, I realized I really enjoyed being a Girl Scout and decided I wanted to continue scouting because I liked being involved in my community and making new friends.”

The scouting program is for girls in kindergarten to twelfth grade.

Libby said, “I joined Girl Scouts when I was in kindergarten. It was mostly my mother’s idea, but I thought that it would be fun. It helps me in my everyday life because it has taught me responsibility and other values, and I use those when making decisions.”

Girls can join at any age and if they move away, they can still be registered in the Girl Scouts program.

When a girl joins scouting, she will be placed in a troop or as individual member, known as a Juliette.

For girls in kindergarten through fifth grade, activities are facilitated  through troops and at camp.

As girls reach the higher grades, they become more independent, facing more challenging activities and developing more complex skills.

Cheng said, “Last year, my troop helped at the U.S. Veterans Center by building a couple of bookshelves for them and donating a variety of books.”

Girl Scouts help girls helps their communities and those who are less fortunate.

Cheng said, “From being in Girl Scouts, I’ve become aware of how important it is to be involved in my community. There are many people who are less fortunate than us, and as a troop, we try to do our best to help out as much as we can.”

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