Sacred Hearts Academy honors Grandparents


Grandparents’ Days this year will be on Nov. 19 for the lower school and Nov. 20 for the high school. Both days will feature photos of grandparents with granddaughters, refreshments and visits to classrooms.

One difference in the high school will be grandparents visiting granddaughters’ homerooms instead of a class. Grades 7-9 will begin at 7:45 while 10-12 will start at 10:15. The day will be on a special schedule to accommodate the visits.

Grandparents will be attending the Thanksgiving prayer service and paraliturgy.

The lower school’s special schedule for Grandparents’ Day has activities for granddaughters and grandparents. Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten begin at 7:45, grades 1 through 3 at 9:45 and grades 4 through 6 at 12:30. Grades 4 through 6 will have activities coordinated at grade levels while the lower grades are having activities in individual homerooms.

This year’s Grandparents’ Days are near the Thanksgiving holiday because families often gather for the holidays and the close date to Thanksgiving will allow visiting grandparents to share Grandparents’ Days with their granddaughters in school.