Reasonable goals allow greater, attainable success

Although setting goals is important to achieving success in any endeavor, it is also important to set reasonable goals.

Young women at the Academy are constantly told that they can do anything and everything. While this is true, it is unrealistic to believe that big goals, such as performing on Broadway, traveling to the moon or getting a 4.0 when one has been doing ‘C’ work the entire year, can be accomplished quickly. Setting large goals such as these gives a false sense of hope.

The performing arts have proven to be an excellent outlet for expression, creativity and passion. Some dream of making it on Broadway or having a career as a performer. This goal is grand and completely possible, but highly unlikely. With the enormous competition in the world, making it all the way to New York City and dealing with the plethora of talent gathered may be an unreasonable goal. If someone makes it to Broadway, she must not only be well prepared but also extremely lucky. For most people, however, reasonable goals of being the lead in a community theater role is more realistic and could happen.

In 1969, Neil Armstrong traveled to the moon. We know that it is quite possible for human beings to travel into space, but there is small number of lucky individuals who are privileged to go and be in space. With Neil Armstrong being the first man ever to step foot on the moon and the new technologies being designed for space travel, the probability of moon trips in the future are good. However, thinking that one may make it to space in her lifetime is probably not realistic.

For students, realistic goals may include grades. Grades are important no matter the grade level. Trying one’s best is essential to success in any endeavor, including school. If a student is trying her best and producing C level work but aspires to a 4.0 GPA, that goal may seem unrealistic. It is always good to strive for excellence, but going from a ‘C’ to a ‘A’ average in a short time rarely happens. It is better to continue to try and aim for forward movement rather than a specific grade.

Goals are vital to success whether they deal with work, school, extracurricular activities or just being a better person. It is important to reach high but setting unattainable, unrealistic and unreasonable goals will produce frustration and anger. The key words are better, harder and ongoing. Living by these words and setting goals with these words in mind allow one to develop valuable skills to develop one’s individual best in all endeavors.