‘The Last Lecture’ provides inspirational messages for all


Carnegie Mellon University computer science professor, Randy Pausch, wrote a little lecture that turned out to be a grand and inspirational phenomenon. “The Last Lecture” proved to be an inspiration to his students, colleagues and eventually much of the nation.

When Randy Pausch was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, he decided to deliver a last lecture entitled, “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.” Although this last lecture inevitably was his last, it strayed from the topic of dying and focused on living.

Inspired by his actual lecture which became a hit, the book immediately became a sensation. It is so engrossing that one cannot put it down.

“The Last Lecture is full of positive, inspirational personal stories and advice on how to achieve one’s dreams. The personal stories Pausch incorporates, which are a major part of the book, engage readers and inspires undoubtedly.

“The Last Lecture” captivates readers from beginning to end with its genuineness and lingering messages of living each day to the fullest and striving to achieve childhood dreams. This book is suitable for all ages.