Creative gifts provide thoughtful sentiments for Family and Friends

With the struggling economy, Christmas presents for friends and family are challenging. With creative ideas, however, gifts can be inexpensive, yet memorable.

Most often teens buy their gifts at the mall. Although it helps the local economy, some gifts seem to be just material items rather than thoughtful, meaningful gestures.

Gifts do not have to come from department stores. Instead, teenagers can create gifts that have more personal connections than store-bought gifts. For example, if one is taking a ceramics class, one can make a pottery piece and give it as a present.

Another creative idea is baked goods, such as cupcakes, homemade cookies and cakes. They are good ideas for Christmas gifts since everyone likes food and most people no longer bake.

Baking and cooking go hand-in-hand. Cooking a delicious homemade meal for a neighbor or a friend who has not had time to make a meal is a great alternative to giving a gift card to a restaurant. It makes people feel that someone really cares and they are appreciative of the help and kind gesture. Not only can cooking a meal be a great gift for friends, but cooking a dinner for one’s family can be a treasure as well. Parents cook dinner every night and deserve a break from slaving over the stove. Teenagers can cook a meal for Christmas. It can be as simple as spaghetti and meatballs or a soup and sandwich combo.

Parents work hard to create the best possible Christmas for their children. Teenagers are at an age where they should be giving as much as they are receiving. Inexpensive, thoughtful Christmas gifts for parents can include monthly “coupons” for a chore that they are not usually in charge of, not fighting with siblings, getting out of the house for parents to have time together or even making Christmas breakfast. These presents are not costly, but their meaning is much greater than any material gift and it’s much appreciated.

Creative Christmas gift ideas are alternative to expensive gifts that may not exemplify the spirit of giving which is what Christmas is all about.