Student Center makes new menu changes for a new school year


Students buy food at the Academy’s Student Center, where several menu items have been added this year. Photo by Rebecca Meyer.

Poke bowls and loco mocos are new additions to Sacred Hearts Academy’s lunch menu.

“We began to make changes at last year’s second semester, (but) some changes could not be drastic due to set pricing,” Sodexo General Manager and Student Center Adviser Erin Awai said. “Over the summer, we put together a bunch of new menu options and incorporated them into this years selections.”

Awai and the Student Center staff sent out multiple surveys regarding the food served at the Student Center in order to better satisfy the students, faculty and staff.

Infographic by Rebecca Meyer

Junior Noe Nekotani frequents the Student Center for lunch daily and says she’s pleased with the new changes.

“Since the start of (my) sophomore year, the lunch staff began to make interesting, new, healthy varieties, which was a pleasant surprise,” Nekotani said.

Nekotani isn’t alone when she says the school lunches have taken a turn for the better. In a survey conducted by Ka Leo, 43% of students from grades nine through 12 have said they are pleased with the changes in the lunch variety.

“Enrollment is a bit down, so the sales overall is down, but I know we end up selling out every day, so that is a positive sign students enjoy the added selections,” Awai said.