One-day pass gives commuters unlimited bus rides


The one-day city bus pass replaced paper transfers and allows riders to use it for up to 27 hours. Photo courtesy of KHON2. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Hawaii bus commuters are jumping in on a newly-implemented one-day pass program.

With the one-day pass, riders are allowed an unlimited amount of rides throughout the day with a single purchase on their first trip. The program was effective Oct. 1.

The passes may be used for a 27-hour period, which starts from the first day at 12 a.m., until 2:59 a.m. the following day.

Traditionally, riders would receive a paper transfer on their first trip. The transfer would be valid for another connection within two hours.

“I think (the one-day pass) is more convenient than keeping track of each transfer because I only have to pay once and not have to worry about getting my money ready for each ride,” Sacred Hearts Academy junior Tyra Tabayoyong said.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed this program into law.

Rather than checking for an expiration time, bus operators check the date on the pass. This also eliminates the constant collection of expired transfers.

Abuse of using a transfer was a problem in the past, according to bus officials. Riders would continue using the expired transfers rather than discarding it.

An adult pass costs $5, youth pass costs $2.50 and a senior or person of disability pass costs $1. Riders will still be able to pay for a one-trip fare.