Robotics presents revolutionary robots to military


Photo credit: Peter Park Robotics students spoke to military leaders at the TechNet Asia convention.

The outreach team for Academy robotics recently attended a Technet Convention at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Juniors Elane Namoca, Ashley Lardizabal, Tiani Quon and Mariko Galton and freshman Jenna Tanna make up the outreach team, advised by Peter Park.

The team presented their Dot, Dash and Vex robots before the Armed Forces. Other schools, including Maryknoll, presented to the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC).

Dash is a small robot that can be programmed to perform certain tasks, such as building paths. They are especially useful for children as young as four years old as the robots are designed for wear and tear.

Dot is the typical head of Dash. It is also used as a control for another Dash robot.

Vex is the robot that was designed by the Academy team to compete in this year’s game.

“The number of companies that support the armed forces in defensive gear was impressive,” said junior Ashley Lardizabal.

The purpose of attending the convention was to raise money to support the robotics team.