Diamond Head Theatre’s production of ‘Annie’ features Academy students


Photo Credit: Diamond Head Theater. This year’s production of Annie will feature Sacred Hearts Academy students.

Diamond Head Theatre’s current production, “Annie,” features Academy students as vivacious, comedic orphans.

The titular character, Annie, is played by Riley Newton who will be attending the Academy as a sixth grader in January. Although Riley is the main Annie, another Academy student, sixth grader Kira Stone, will also be featured as Annie in some performances. When not playing Annie, Stone is one of the orphans in Miss Hannigan’s orphanage. Third grader, Riley Goto, is also one of the swing orphans for the run of the play.

All the performers in the show are exceptional, but the orphans especially steal the stage with their cuteness, outstanding talent and comedic relief which they add to the seriousness of the Great Depression and their grave mistreatment.

Newton, Stone and Goto are also members of Diamond Head Theatre’s prestigious children’s program, Shooting Stars, and perform all around the island. Training in dance, acting and voice has helped them achieve roles in community theater.

“Annie” opened Dec. 7 with an original run till Dec. 23 but has since extended till Dec. 30. For more information, visit diamondheadtheatre.com.