Academy students take on the Friendsgiving tradition

Nowadays, more and more people partake in the growing trend of “Friendsgiving,” a gathering of friends over a Thanksgiving feast. Although initially started by those who couldn’t be with their families during the holidays, many Sacred Hearts Academy students took to the trend this year.

“Our group rarely does anything outside of school together, so I thought it would be a cool excuse to hang out,” sophomore EjaLee Chavis said. Chavis brought up the idea of hosting a Friendsgiving lunch at a local restaurant near the Academy.

The idea of Friendsgiving is a fairly new occasion made up of struggling millennials who have been swamped with student loans and job searches in order to support themselves.

This is an example of a traditional Friendsgiving dinner. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Students couldn’t afford a plane ticket to go back home in time for Thanksgiving, so instead of spending the holiday alone, many got together with one another to share a good time.

The rules of Friendsgiving originally were that the host prepares the turkey while guests bring their favorite side dishes. Now, students are going out to their favorite restaurants.


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