Get creative with Thanksgiving stuffing

A roasted Thanksgiving turkey with stuffing inside. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

A roasted Thanksgiving turkey with stuffing inside. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

A traditional Thanksgiving dinner is nothing without its roast turkey, but what really makes a roast turkey great?

Roasting a Thanksgiving turkey is a year-round tradition that many Americans look forward too. During this holiday, family members gather as one to enjoy an appetizing assortment of traditional foods.

In America, a Thanksgiving meal consists of a stuffed roast turkey, mashed potatoes and a healthy dose of sweet potatoes. The turkeys are traditionally stuffed with bread; although sometimes a creative stuffing could bring a new take on the traditional dish.

This stuffing recipe has a unique twist on the traditional Chinese dish known as  “eight-treasure rice pudding,” which is usually incorporated into important holidays, such as a Chinese New Years dinner. The stuffing includes sticky rice, green soybeans, dried shrimp, sausage, mushroom, carrot, celery and chestnut.

The first step is to add vegetable oil to a wok (pan), then add all ingredients besides the sticky rice to wok and stir-fry it.

The second step is to cook the sticky rice with a rice cooker, but keep in mind not to add too much water inside so that the rice has the perfect sticky consistency. After cooking the now sticky rice, add the new ingredient to the wok and stir-fry the materials until everything is cooked.

The final step in this recipe is to add the stuffing to your turkey. Wrap aluminum foil around the hole of the turkey. This is so that your hard-earned stuffing doesn’t get burnt in the process of cooking.