Quell cravings with healthy alternatives

With the school year coming to an end, students not only think about exams but also ways to get fit for that summer bikini bod. Workout regimens and diet plans go into effect, but the high-stress environment surrounding the end of the year makes scarfing down that tub of Ben & Jerry’s a little more tempting.

To quell those cravings, we’ve come up with a list of healthy, homemade treats that will make any sweet tooth happy.

  1. Fruit pops- For a healthier version of cake pops, try frozen yogurt-covered bananas instead. Begin by placing a stick through a peeled banana. Then roll them in a bowl of nonfat or low-fat Greek yogurt before freezing on waxed paper. For added flavors, drizzle granola or oats onto the bananas. Don’t like bananas? Then apply this method to a different fruit of your choice!
  1. Froyo- Craving ice cream? Fear not because froyo, also known as frozen yogurt, can be a great replacement for the high-caloric dessert. Just don’t go overboard on it, and because it is complex to make, the best way to get your froyo fix would be to buy a pint of it at the grocery store or check out a local froyo shop, such as Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt or Pinkberry.
  1. Fruit + yogurt- Perhaps the easiest treat to satiate sweet cravings would be fruit dipped in yogurt. To make this, scoop a desired amount of greek yogurt into a bowl. Because this type of yogurt tends to have a sour aftertaste, a little honey often helps sweeten things up before adding fruits and granola to the mix.
  1. If you like pina coladas- Jimmy Buffett says it right in his classic about the savory drinks. Non-alcoholic pina coladas are the best way to quench your thirst. To make it, fill a blender halfway with ice cubes, then add coconut cream, coconut milk and pineapple chunks. Blend for the perfect homemade pina colada and enjoy!

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