Fathers bond with daughters at luncheon

The halls of the Japanese Cultural Center were filled with laughter and jovial conversations last weekend, as Sacred Hearts Academy sophomores and their fathers gathered for the annual Father-Daughter luncheon.

The event, which is organized by the sophomore council and teacher Leilani Asuncion-Tagupa, is an opportunity for students to spend time with their fathers.

“I got to spend time with my father and have fun with him,” said sophomore Anika Galvan.

The entertainment was among the many highlights at this year’s event.

While sophomore Anne Castro performed the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, the audience was left in awe by sophomore Ivana Salon’s graceful hula. She danced to “He Lei No Aulani.”

Following that was sophomore Olivia Bruce, who played “Humoresque,” by A. Dovak, on the violin.

Students also shared stories about their fathers in between performances.

“(The story) really was just about how my dad and how he inspires me to do a lot,” sophomore Ryanne Burnett said. “It truly felt like an honor to share with people about my dad.”

Sophomore Monica Kenny also entertained the audience, as the emcee of the event. Along with the division council, Kenny helped keep the mood upbeat by announcing the raffle prize winners.

The prizes were gift bags that included different types of candy, all handmade by the division council.

“It was really fun, and I’d totally like to (emcee) again,” Kenny said.

They also hosted different games, such as Finish the Lyric, Guess the Movie and charades.

Fathers were also tested on their general knowledge of not only the school but also the Academy’s sophomore class. This included items such as, school colors, the class’ graduation year and the location of the school’s First Friday mass.

The luncheon came to a close with the daughters singing the school’s alma mater