‘50s fashion makes a comeback


From lace-trimmed bodysuits to velvety off-the-shoulder blouses, clothing so far this year has resembled styles as early as the 1950s. This trend is not only apparent in attire styles but also in the prints and textiles.

Stripes and velvet have both made a comeback and can be seen on anything from shirts to jeans to dresses. Velvet vogue creates an effortless look of elegance and comes in a variety of colors; however, it’s the rich maroon and emerald green colors that really get heads turning.

Those not bold enough to sport the stripes or the velvet might find comfort in the non-patterned clothing that can also be found on sales racks. Call it boring, but with this preference comes an increase in demand for clothes made with a pastel color scheme. Whites, baby blues, light pinks and even grays are coloring today’s fashion world.

One of the newest and well-received styles are off-the-shoulder blouses, with a loose-fit mid-section. This Bohemian-influenced style has a free-flowing design that allows fashionistas to be both stylish and comfortable. For those who prefer a thicker fabric, sweaters and sweatshirts have expanded beyond winter attire. Made to accommodate warmer weather, many will be seen sporting them with shorts and a nice pair of sneakers.

And once a fashion woe, now a fashion WOW–bodysuits are all the craze. Introduced in the 1950s, the bodysuit has taken on many styles with various necklines, fabrics and sleeve lengths. A popular design of bodysuits expose wearers backs and have skinny shoulder straps. The simpler bodysuits feature turtlenecks, long sleeves and lace-up necklines.

Originating as early as the 1940s, high-waisted shorts have started appearing on store racks more frequently. Teens are trading in their mid-thigh shorts and long jeans this season for these waist-fitting alternatives. Textile lovers also find contentment in elastic-waisted shorts, as a lightweight and easy-to-wear alternative. Coming in many styles, the shorts may be decorated with many things from pom pom balls to simple frills.

From frills to front-button skirts; they’re a trend adopted from the 1970s and brought back into the fashion limelight. Taking the original layout, designers made these skirts new by using corduroy instead of the traditional denim. Many are seen wearing the new skirt style with a long sleeve button up blouse and ankle boots.

More on footwear fashion; from peep-toe mules to single-strap heels, both can be seen stepping into today’s fashion scene. The trending footwear is worn both to formal events and casual occasions, such as going to the mall.

As for accessories, simple colored caps are worn providing both protection and style. Also serving a multi-purpose, small buckle backpacks and Swedish brand Fjallraven Kanken backpacks are used by many.