Self-care: routines that everyone needs

With the stress of finals and the pressure of living in general, self-care is often a practice not done enough. It  goes beyond taking a shower and cleaning one’s face. Self-care is relieving stress, taking time to relax and  time for self-indulgence.

Stretching can help ease one’s mind and body. This does not necessarily have to be a full-on yoga practice. Simply standing up and stretching out one’s arms can do wonders.
Meditating is also helpful. While it can be done during a stretching session, sitting still and concentrating on one’s innermost thoughts or on nothing at all can help relax the mind.

Spending time with pets can also help boost one’s mood. There is such a thing as pet therapy–simply spending time petting pets and spending time near them can have a calming effect.

Taking a hot bath or shower is also relaxing. It may sound cliche but this can produce a calming effect as well. Relaxing in the water can make one’s muscles loosen. Lavender oil can especially help the body physically relax because lavender is known to be an aroma which produces relaxation.

Scratching something off a to-do list is also helpful. It can be as small as taking out the trash or as big as visiting a new place. Getting something done can be very satisfying.

Write down thoughts. Be honest. Sometimes people keep their thoughts in to avoid causing what they believe to be  unnecessary trouble and it can build bottled up feelings which can create intense stress. Writing down honest feelings and thoughts can help relieve stress.

Cook a healthy meal. Eating nutritious foods such as fruit and vegetables can make the body feel happier and make the mind feel happier as well. Eating an especially diverse meal–such as all the sections of the food pyramid–can improve one’s feelings of well-being even more.

Stay off all electronic devices for an hour or so. This is not the solution for everyone but taking a break from electronics can help promote relaxation. The pressures to respond to others and browse social media will be lessened and can reduce the stress of communicating.

Dress up in a favorite set of clothes. Looking great does not have to be limited to special occasions. Walk around the house in an outfit that brings  good feelings.

Watch videos that generate a good laugh. It is always a good feeling to laugh and if a video can evoke that feeling of happiness, then it’s a  good thing to do.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember: self-care does not always involve actually doing anything. Simply staying in bed, sleeping in late or taking a day off to lie around can be an act of self care.

While everyone’s idea of self-care may not be listed here, that does not mean it is not a form of self-care. Everyone’s self-care can be different; it can vary from person to person. Self-care is all about doing what is most relaxing and comfortable for individual dispositions.

It is important to remember that everyone needs a day off. Whether it is a day to themselves or a day out with friends, it is important to indulge in what is mentally relaxing and comforting more than once in a while. It can help one’s physical and mental health.