“Legend” by Marie Lu is about a 15-year-old boy named Day who is a criminal on the run.

Wanted for theft, assault, destruction of property and rebelling against the government, Day is almost caught when he breaks into a hospital.

Day is trying to get the antidote for a disease spreading throughout the country as he is trying to save his sick brother.

While Day is escaping, he hits a guard who is later found dead. Day is now wanted for killing the guard, and now the government has sent June, a 15-year-old genius, to find Day because the dead guard is June’s brother.

Although June goes to find Day, she does not know what he looks like. They meet when June is injured in a fist fight that Day is betting his money on. June assumes that Day is a poor street boy instead of the boy she is hunting. Day takes June in to care for her.

Spending time together, Day starts to fall for June, but when June finds out that Day is the one she is looking for she turns him in. Day is then a prisoner of the government.

What will Day’s fate be? Will he escape prison or be held captive forever? Will June find out the truth about her brother’s death?

“Legend” is recommended for ages 12 and up because of the violence and some mature scenes. The book is also good for those who like action mixed with romance.

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