Senior gains cultural awareness in People-to-People program

Senior Siobhan Neeson participated in the People-to-People program as a student ambassador from June 19 to July 7.

Neeson traveled to England, Wales, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The program helps students gain awareness of the world, learn about different cultures, make friends from other countries and become more independent.

Neeson said, “Through this program I learned how to be independent because my parents were not on the trip so I had to set my own alarm and I had to make sure I followed curfew times. I also learned to share because I always had one or two roommates and had to learn to share the bathroom and the rest of the room.”

Neeson said, “I learned that I am up to taking on challenges because for one of the activities we had to propel down a 75 foot tower.”

During her trip Neeson went sightseeing, did cultural integration activities and participated in team-building activities.

Neeson said, “I enjoyed forming bonds with people I didn’t know before the trip and learning about my own culture. I also enjoyed learning about my heritage because my dad’s side of the family is from there.”

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