Juniors restore Papahana Kuaola

The Junior Class did its annual division service project, involving sustainability and the environment, at Papahana Kuaola in Kaneohe.

Juniors worked in the loi, pulling weeds, moving mulch and moving rocks.

The service project also resulted in students learning how to take care of a loi and how they could restore the land back to how it used to be. Lessons also emphasized that water from the Earth should be returned to the Earth so that the streams do not dry out.

Junior Jayla Wakabayashi said, “I learned that the environment is sacred ground. It needs to be preserved because plants are becoming extinct and some are endangered.”

Through this experience juniors also worked together to build stronger peer relationships.

Junior Emily Ung said, “It was a fun bonding experience when we were working together to pass the stones and mulch as a class.”

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