Mystery of ‘Rooftop Prince’ tempts viewers to solve riddles

The drama “Rooftop Prince” is a mystery surrounding the murder of the Crown Princess which happened during the Chosun dynasty era.

Since the murder is still unsolved 300 years later, Crown Prince Lee Gak (Park Yoonchun), the victim’s husband, and three of his men are sent to the future to solve the mystery.

In the future the Crown Prince and his men end up on the rooftop of Park Ha’s (Han Ji Min) house.

Park Ha decides to help them since they seem to be lost and know nothing about how to survive in her time. They find all the new technology interesting but don’t know how to use anything.

Thanks to Park Ha, Crown Prince Lee Gak meets Park Ha’s stepsister who looks exactly like his dead wife. That similarity further fuels his desire to solve the murder of his wife.

Crown Prince Lee Gak also discovers that he has a look-alike who is missing. Since his look alike is missing, he is forced to take his place.

Will the prince be able to solve his wife’s death or will it be left a mystery forever?

“Rooftop Prince” gives the audience a mix of modern and historical dramas and romance and suspense.

This drama is recommended for teens 15 years old and older because of mild violence.

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