Love and revenge provide motive for ‘Sly and Single Lady’

In “Sly and Single Lady,”  Na Ae Ra (Lee Min Jung) marries Cha Jeong Woo (Joo Sang Wook) who is studying to become a civil service worker.

After passing the test and getting the job, Jeong Woo decides to quit to start his own business. After many attempts end up in failure, Ae Ra has to work multiple jobs to pay the bills.

Since Jeong Woo’s business continues to fail, Ae Ra decides that she wants a divorce so that she can live a happier life.

A few years after the divorce, Ae Ra finds out that Jeong Woo has become  successful. The information angers Ae Ra because she was left with the debts from their marriage.

Ae Ra decides that she wants revenge and gets a job at his company to try to win him back.

Will Ae Ra win Jeong Woo back or will she be rejected because he thinks that she only wants his money? Is her motive really revenge or is it love?

“Sly and Single Lady” is recommended for teens because of some adult situations. It is also for those who like romance and the chance at a happy ending.

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