2014 Hawaii International Film Festival shines light on Philippines with ‘Third Is My First’


Ashley Marie Lardizabal, Reporter

The 2014 Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) shone the spotlight on the Philippines film industry with the romance, “Third is My First.”

The film revolves around Cory (Nova Villa), who just retired from her longtime job at the Philippines Bureau of Treasury. The plot follows Cory after her last day of work and how she adapts to the newly allotted time she now has at home with her husband, Andong (Dante Rivero).

Immediately after retiring, Cory realizes how much time her job had taken up and tries to fill the void with household chores.

One day, while cleaning out old paperwork, she comes across old love letters from her first love, Third. Reading through the letters, Cory rekindles the affection she had for Third and realizes that she still has feelings for him.

The plot continues with Cory stuck in a virtual love triangle, scared that Andong will find out about her feelings for Third. Blinded by love, she tries to blend in with crowds and falls into a pursuit of fashion trends, slang and social media.

As the film progresses, Cory discovers more about herself and grows closer to her husband. Slowly but surely, she figures out what true love really is, which leads her to resolving her mixed emotions.

Director Real Florido doesn’t only provide insight for the audience but also lends them a personal reflection to look back on.

With a running time of 109 minutes, Florido does a fantastic job at featuring a classic story of self-discovery through his thorough depiction of the character’s problems and social issues. He goes beyond the protagonist’s point of view and also explores the mentality of other main characters.

“Third Is My First” has its share of drama, romance and light-hearted comedy, engaging teens and young adults. The film is a family-friendly movie and recommended for all ages.