Service learning program sees changes

The Academy service learning program is in place to help students gain new experiences while helping their communities. It is about serving those in need.

Sr. Irene Barboza, Theology department chair, said, “This [service learning] puts into action what we are learning in the classroom.”

Each year students do a minimum of 25 hours of community service.

Students in grades seven and eight who do more than 150 hours and students in grades 9-12 who have more than 200 hours receive pins recognizing their achievements at the Honors Convocation in May.

Last year, service learning programs in the high school changed slightly as each division had a specific theme.

The Junior High has family and school, freshmen have health and social needs, sophomores have children and education, juniors have environment and sustainability, and seniors have the poor and elderly.

Themes for each grade level differ so that students can have new experiences with different groups of people.

Sr. Irene said, “Students do what they are comfortable with, but by doing this, it broadens their experiences.”

Junior Kennedy Cambra Cho said, “I enjoy have a different theme each year because it forces me to participate in the events that I would not normally sign up for.”

By giving students a different experience each year, the Theology department hopes students will become comfortable in different situations and discover a passion in helping a specific group of people with very special needs.

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