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Save pedestrians from themselves

Illustration by Ashley Marie Lardizabal

March 1, 2016

Hawaii is a killer state. It ranks 8th in the country for pedestrian fatalities and  leads the nation as the number one place for senior citizens who die while walking. A recent bill introduced by state lawmakers aims to reduce Hawaii’s pedestrian fatalities, and if passed, will change the way people...

Sleep should be a priority, not an option

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Frances Nicole Tabios, Reporter

February 10, 2016

Many teens struggle with sleep deprivation due to homework assignments and projects, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities or simply spending too much time on the Internet. Getting enough sleep each day, however, is essential as food for the brain and body. With adequate sleep, the body has time...

Stricter gun restrictions necessary for safety of all Americans

Infographic by Ashley Marie Lardizabal

Celine Isabelle Arnobit, Reporter

January 28, 2016

Mass shootings are no longer uncommon, and it’s a frightening fact that American citizens now face such occurrences too often. In 2015, over 350 mass shootings in the United States took place, killing scores of people. The most recent shootings occurred in San Bernadino, Calif. and Savannah, ...

Plain Christmas cups cause many to see red

Comic by Zoierae Hill

Zoierae Hill, Reporter

December 9, 2015

Starbucks is known for its traditional winter-themed coffee cups but this year controversy is brewing over the corporate decision to feature unadorned red cups. Starbucks says the plain cups allow customers to decorate their own cups, encouraging them to “tell their Christmas stories in their own...

Teens must take driving responsibility seriously

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Frances Nicole Tabios, Editorials Editor

November 10, 2015

At the age of 15 and a half, teens can apply for a learner’s permit. Shortly thereafter, a license. With a license, however, comes great responsibility. Too many teens get so caught up in the freedom driving gives them that they often forget the responsibilities that come with driving an autom...

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