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‘The Goddess Test’ incorporates Greek mythology and romance

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‘The Goddess Test’ incorporates Greek mythology and romance

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“The Goddess Test” by Aimee Carter is about 18-year-old Kate Winters who moves back to her mother’s hometown after her mother is diagnosed with cancer.

Kate wants to do everything she can to make her mother’s last days meaningful. However, the last few days are not easy for Kate. Besides entering a new school where she has no friends, Kate fears that her mother will die at any moment. However, Kate’s fear changes after meeting Henry.

Henry is a dark, mysterious guy who claims to be Hades, King of the Underworld. Henry promises to keep Kate’s mother alive if she accepts his bargain. Kate thinks Henry is lying but when Henry brings a girl back to life, Kate begins to believe him.

When Kate accepts Henry’s bargain, he promises to keep her mother alive while she tries to pass seven tests. However, there’s a catch to the bargain. If Kate passes the tests, involving the seven deadly sins, she’ll become Henry’s wife and Queen of the Underworld. If she fails, her life is forfeit.

“The Goddess Test” is a mesmerizing novel that will capture readers’ hearts with its underlying story of Greek mythology. Its use of fantasy, romance and paranormal will leave readers anticipating the next novel.

This book is recommended for age 14 and above because of adult situations and mild violence. Those who love suspense, romance and mythology will enjoy “The Goddess Test.” Its reference to the story of Hades and Persephone will excite and intrigue readers.

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‘The Goddess Test’ incorporates Greek mythology and romance