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‘The Pregnancy Project’ teaches lesson on stereotypes

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‘The Pregnancy Project’ teaches lesson on stereotypes

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Gabriel Rodriguez, now a full-time college student, successfully planned and executed a fake pregnancy in her junior year of high school which she documented in “The Pregnancy Project,” which reveals the stereotypes about teen moms and the damaging effects it has on their futures.

Rodriguez hoped to expose the effects of stereotyping teen moms and how they limit young women  from reaching their full potential.

Rodriguez had personal experiences with pregnant teens. Each of her siblings had children while in high school. Many thought Rodriguez was bound to become a teen pregnancy statistic herself.

The goal of ”The Pregnancy Project” was to debunk stereotypes. Empathizing with girls who became pregnant in high school, Rodriguez demonstrated the harm caused by other teens’ offensive gossip.

Stereotyping is a universal flaw which almost everyone is subject to or has been guilty of engaging in. Many young girls will be able to identify with the themes presented in Rodriguez’s account of high school stereotypes. The book is recommended for young teen girls for this reason.

“The Pregnancy Project” presents an array of common teen issues in addition to pregnancy and stereotyping, things that most high school students can relate to. Rodriguez evaluates the labels pinned on young teens and how they can prevent the teens from achieving a good future. In her project, she proves to others that overcoming others’ expectations can become a reality.

Adolescents should read this intriguing novel to understand the harm they can generate in stereotyping others and learn not to be a part of this problem.

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‘The Pregnancy Project’ teaches lesson on stereotypes