Kawaii Kon offers anime fans networking opportunities

Kawaii Kon offers anime fans networking opportunities

At the Kawaii Kon convention, anime lovers dress up as characters from cartoons. The word kawaii means cute in Japanese while the word anime originated from the French language and means animated.

Anime is a Japanese movie or series of animations that often have science fiction themes that include graphic events.

Freshman Adriana Choi said, “Anime has different types of stories that can easily catch people’s attention. Anime has different types of genres: romance, comedy, sci-fi, mystery, etc. Sometimes if you are so caught up in good anime, you will have tears running down your cheeks.”

This year Kawaii Kon took place at the Hawaii Convention Center in early April. The main goal for Kawaii Kon is to bring broader awareness and  appreciation for Japanese animation and creativity.

Freshman Kailanianna Ablog said, “Kawaii Kon provides a meeting place for gamers and anime fans to make new friends through common interests. It also allows beginning artists to sell their art and for attendees to purchase anime and other merchandise from companies outside Hawaii.”

During Kawaii Kon, activities included anime family feud, anime bingo and karaoke. Events are meant for attendees to interact with one another and enjoy everything anime.

Freshman Amber Young said, “Kawaii Kon lets anime lovers interact with one another and see each other’s costumes. There are booths where people sell handmade things and compete in tournaments. Kawaii Kon also let people interact with anime voice actors.”
Kawaii Kon is a friendly event that helps many fans interact and share their common interest in anime. It is also a convention that helps to meet new people and embrace the creativity of animation.