‘Switched’ proves relatable to experiences

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‘Switched’ proves relatable to experiences

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“Switched” by Amanda Hocking is about 17-year-old Wendy Everly who has never fit in at school or at home.

After her mother tried to kill her 11 years ago, Wendy’s aunt and brother assumed care for her. Wendy’s mother claims that Wendy isn’t normal and that she is not her daughter. In turn, Wendy says that her mother is unstable.

Finn Holmes is a quiet, mysterious young man who always seems to be watching Wendy. Whenever he is near, she can sense him. Finn claims that it’s time she knows her true history.

When Finn tells Wendy about what she is destined to become, Wendy begins to connect her life experiences with what Finn has been saying. The constant mood swings, strange eating habits and the power to take over one’s mind seem almost unbelievable.

Wendy is convinced that Finn is crazy, but after nearly being kidnapped, she begins to believe him.

Bruised and beaten, Wendy leaves home with Finn for an unknown place. It is hard enough that Wendy has to leave her family, but she must now trust Finn with her life.

“Switched” is an addictive page turner that will entice readers with forbidden love and likable characters. Its action, suspense and drama will make readers read until the very end.

This book is recommended for teens because of adult situations, mild language and violence. “Switched” will leave an unforgettable mark with its emotional thrills and fresh twist in romance.