Support from parents vital to teen’s life


Teens still need parental guidance and involvement in their lives even when they don't believe they do.

Parents play a vital role in teens’ lives. Many parents often think that teens no longer need as much guidance when they reach high school. Sometimes parents want their teens to stand on their own feet and make their own choices, believing that when children reach their pre-teen or teenage years, they need less support and guidance. Yet, the belief may be false.

Junior Kaye Tabios said, “Some parents sometimes expect their children to be responsible and independent when they reach high school and no longer guide their children. However, what parents do not understand is that their children still need their parents’ support to help them make the right decisions.”

Research has shown clearly that teenagers who have strong relationships with their parents tend to do far better across many areas of life than teenagers who are not supported or have little guidance from parents.

Studies also show that teens who have healthy relationships with parents lead to good relationships with partners later in life.

Communication is one of the primary ways for parents to stay involved in teens’ lives. WIth guidance from parents, teens can make the right decisions more frequently.

“I am very close to my mom since she always checks up on me and I know she can always help me with my burdens. I can also turn to her for advice regarding school and relationship problems,” said freshman Hailey Mopas.

Parental support helps guide children to making better decisions. With effective communication, parents are easier to approach and  teens will most likely turn to them for advice.

Parental involvement, which includes established rules and a certain amount of teen independance, results in positive outcomes for teens who will be less rebellious and less disrespectful of rules when their parents are involved in a positive consistent way in their lives. Parental guidance is critical to help guide teens to make the right choices, a way for them to take responsibility and value independence.

Sophomore Shannon Domingsil said, “It’s very important for parents to be involved in their children’s lives because it will establish a healthy relationship and will be beneficial for their children later on in life.”