‘Never Have I Ever’ suggests helpful relationship advice

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Popular blogger and freelance writer Katie Heaney recently published an autobiographical account of her single life devoid of dating in her recent release, “Never Have I Ever.”

Heaney discusses what it’s like being a 25-year-old in this century and never having dated before. Heaney elaborates on her experiences in middle school, high school and through her college years, describing her encounters with a humorous attitude and captivating readers in the process.

The non-fiction book is recommended for high school-aged girls. Many of its themes apply to teenage girls and can comfort those who aren’t involved in relationships or have boyfriends. Heaney’s comical language provides support and relief for adolescents who have not yet experienced a relationship and are at times pressured by their peers to do so.

Heaney’s memoir will captivate readers with its sardonic phrases and amusing depiction of relationships. The autobiography has such humorous language it will be hard for readers to put down the book. One will thoroughly enjoy her light-hearted humor as she confidently describes her life as a single girl.